Museums with Arms Exhibits
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This is not a list of every museum that has a few guns on display. These are locations that have significant exhibits that will appeal to arms collectors and should be considered for inclusion in your travel plans if possible.
(U.S. locations listed by state, followed by foreign museums)

Rock Island Arsenal-
John M. Browning Small Arms Museum. Exceptionally complete collection of issue and oddball U.S.military arms. Notebooks in front of displays with detailed notes to satisfy your thirst for added info.


Fort Walt Beach (Hurlburt Field) U.S. Air Force Air Weapons Museum- Comprehensive examples of aviation armament as specific topic, rather than being an unseen part of an aircraft. Extensive but unfocused small arms collection there is poorly displayed and can be skipped to spend time on the main attractions.

Pensacola- (Naval Air Station)- Naval Aviation Museum. Limited arms content but overall scope of U.S. Naval aviation makes it an interesting visit. Civil War Ft. Barrancas very close.

U.S. Army Ordnance Musuem (Aberdeen Proving Grounds)- Best place in the world for the study of armored vehicles and artillery, with excellent small arms collection as well. Much of the large items are sadly deteriorating in the weather, and the small arms were mostly "deactivated" by idiot bureaucrats, but still well worth the visit.

- Springfield Armory National Historic Site- Mecca for U.S. martial arms collectors with superb exhibits of virtually every important small arm. Videos especially well done. Small selection of new and changing exhibits justify repeat visits (if you need an excuse). Private tours of off limits storage areas occasionally available by prior arrrangement for a fee.

Museum of the Fur Trade. Focus is on the North American continent prior to 1850, with an amazingly comprehensive collection of artifacts, inslucing arms, and an extensive research library.

New York
New York City
- Metropolitan Museum of Art has an outstanding collection and exhibit of mostly very antique arms and armor, sure to impress even the non-collector.

West Point- U.S. Military Academy Museum. Well done exhibits of some especially historic arms, both U.S. and those of enemies. Captured cannons all over.

Veterans Memorial- Wonderful sampling of Civil War relics plus niceU.S. military smal arms collection. Fort Pitt nearby and well worth the visit, also Ft. Ligonier tu understand the importance of this frontier area in the French and Indian War.

Valley Forge Military Park- Finest collection of Revolutionary War arms anywhere, thanks to a generous donor who acquired them when researching for his respected books on that field.

Ogden -
John M. Browning Firearms Collection at the Union Station Museum. The Utah genius' handmade prototypes of many of the most successful firearms designs in history. Trains, cars, geology and other huge exhibits for any non-gun collectors in the family.

National Firearms Museum (NRA Headquarters Building)- Superbly presented collection that will appeal to the whole family, as well as the specialist. Top rate changing exhibits (currently "Real Guns of Reel Heroes"). Excellent cafeteria in adjacent building.

Quantico- U.S. Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum. Covers full range of USMC arms with emphasis on the "air ground team" which evolved from World War Two. (closed in winter months)

Hampton- Fort Monroe Casemate Museum- although emphasis is on the Civil War, good coverage of coast defense for the artillery enthusiast.

Buffalo Bill Historical Center- probably the finest firearms museum in the world with fantastic exhibits of western art, natuarl history, and Indian artifacts as well. Located 70 miles east of Yellowstone, and the scenic drive alone is worth the trip. Plan on a full day here, maybe longer. Access through Yellowstone to Cody is cut off in winter months.

Fort Bridger - Historic fur trade rendezvous site (and mountain man camp reenactment every Labor Day weekend) and later a stop for wagon trains and an Army fort. Great family visit but arms collectionis marginal for inclusion in this list.

Foreign Arms Museums

Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK- Premier collection of historic arms in the UK, including the study collection from the Tower of London. Truly a King's collection!