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Utah Gun Collectors Association
October 2002 Gun Show
"The ORIGINAL Ogden Gun Show" Our 41st year of Quality Gun Shows in Utah
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Here are some samples of the educational displays presented by UGCA members.
We hope you enjoy them.  Part of the pleasure of gun collecting is learning about the historical, technical, and artistic features associated with firearms.  Gun shows provide members, and the general public, a chance to appreciate these aspects.

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Let's go to the UGCA gun show!

    Lots of people bring old guns or related items to our show for free appraisals or to sell.  Maybe you want to do this at the next show.

Now- on to the Great Displays!
Click on the title to go directly to one of these displays or enjoy scrolling down the page to see them all.
Civil War Cavalry
Colt .22 caliber Frontier Scouts
Sharps Buffalo Rifles
U.S. Navy Uniforms
Hunter in the Old South
U.S. Military Repeating Sidearms
A Dozen Eggs
S&W Spur Trigger Revolvers
Mormon Battalion 1846-1847
South Pacific Souvenirs
WW1 Uniforms & Equipment
Small Pistols in History

People's Choice Award Winner!
"Colt .22 Caliber Single Action Frontier Scout, New Frontier, and Peacemaker Revolvers"
Jim C. really likes these slightly scaled down versions of the famous "Colt Single Action Army" used by cowboys and cavalrymen from 1873 onward.  Jim has just about every variation known, and a story to go with each.  His display is truly magnificent, and attracts a lot of attention whenever he brings it out.  The photos below are just a sample of the contents.
. . 

 Best of Show Award Winner !
"The Civil War Cavalry"
Mel enjoys collecting in this popular specialty, and we have seen his collection and exhibit grow to a comprehensive collection, and very appealing presentation. Congratulations to a real winner!

 Second Place Award Winner !
The Hunter of the Old South
    This is a superb collection of rifles which were used to provide food, protection and sport. Many consider the "Kentucky" rifle to be a uniquely American form of folk art, as well as a great example of the mixing of the skills of the blacksmith and furniture maker with additional talent needed to be a gunsmith. Congratulations to George N. for his award and thank you for sharing this with the public.

 Third Place Award Winner !
A Few U.S. Navy Uniforms
    Linda and Steve got on a Navy kick a while back and ended up with a HUGE collection of really neat uniforms ranging from the Civil War up through Vietnam, from the lowest seamen to several from a former Chief of Naval Operations, the highest ranking officer in the Navy. They also included a few children's patriotic uniforms to show the influence Navy uniforms had on some civilian fashions.



Smith & Wesson Spur Trigger Revolvers 1857-1892
    Bruce brought out this impressive collection of early S&W's and advanced collectors will note the especially rare "gutta percha" case, and the early boxes of ammo included in the display. Very nice!


A Dozen Eggs
This respected anonymous collector has been slowly accumulating fine pistols made by the famous English gunmaking family related to Durs Egg. He has a DOZEN of these beautiful guns, but when getting out the items for the display, could not find two of them, so his official title was just "Some Eggs" but we will give him credit for a full dozen.



Two stags (a type of deer) at rest, hiding from the hunters?

Sharps Rifles and Related Items
    Ray brought out several really great Sharps rifles, including a fine "buffalo rifle" and the skinning knives used to remove the hides. Note that the knives were worn in a holder made from a buffalo horn, attached to a leather waist belt, decorated with brass tacks.




Repeating Sidearms of the U.S. Serviceman
    This impressive collection is courtesy of Art, who most people though only collected Winchesters. An exceptionally handsome presentation which includes many top condition examples of scarce revolvers and self loading pistols.

. . .


The Mormon Battalion- U.S. Army of the West, 1846-1847
    David is our "living history" expert who works a lot with educational projects, including schools.

The Mormon Battalion- U.S. Army of the West, 1846-1847
On August 6, 1846, 496 men, 31 wives and 44 children left Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and began one of the longest Infantry marches in U.S. history. The goal of the battalion was to help secure California during the War with Mexico. On January 29, 1847, the battalion reached San Diego with 335 men, 4 women and 1 child. The Mormon Battalion was discharged at Fort Moore (Los Angeles) July 16, 1847.

South Pacific Souvenirs
    Larry's fine collection of Pacific campaign relics includes rifles, carbines, field equipment, uniforms, etc.  Note the two Japanese rifles still in the original boxes that their captors used to ship them home.

World War I Uniforms and Equipment
    Gus had a great collection of WW1 uniforms from many nations and the arms and equipment carried by them. Note the great mannequins he made to use for this display. (We will have details on those later.).


Small Pistols in History
    A nice variety of derringers, including one by Henry Deringer, and also one of the smallest handguns ever made, which you can see next to a normal size playing card!


National Rifle Association (NRA)

    UGCA is a NRA affiliated club, and the NRA works hard to protect the rights of collectors, as well as target shooters, hunters, and self defense users.  Chuck is busy signing up more people eager to join to help protect our rights. He also helps people get tickets to the "Friends of NRA" events, which are fund raisers to support such things as firearms safety classes, shooting range improvements, and hunting opportunities.

Wahsatch Shooters Association
Wahsatch Shooters Association is one of several local ranges that also host special interest groups like Cowboy Action Shooters.

Bolts & Colts
    A nice group of Colt Revolvers and Bolt Action Rifles were shared by Mike, examples of guns that are both collectible and fun to use.

Prehistoric Artifacts of the Great Basin and South West
Gilmer shared this important collection of ancient artifacts which includes weapons, household utensils, and other items that people had to make themselves since there were no WalMarts nearby.

Army Uniforms- Revolutionary War to Desert Storm

   Once again the Western Military History Association brought out some of their holdings for the public to enjoy.


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