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October 1999 Gun Show
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Here are some samples of the educational displays presented by UGCA members.
We hope you enjoy them.  Part of the pleasure of gun collecting is learning about the historical, technical, and artistic features associated with firearms.  Gun shows provide members, and the general public, a chance to appreciate these aspects.

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Let's go to the October 1999 UGCA gun show!

Steve T. and his award winning display of Great Guns of the Old West.
Steve is a law enforcement officer with a military background, and he enjoys shooting many of these fine antiques.

Click here to view detail of left display case  with Colt pistols used by civilian and law enforcement in the "wild west."
Click here to view detail of right display case with Colt pistols used by the U.S cavalry and associated items

Dave G.. keeping an eye on
"The War with Mexico: 1st Iowa Volunteers (Mormon Battalion) 1846-1847"

Dave is a plumber and has assembled this great example of the uniforms and equipment of the type used by the "Mormon Battalion".  He often participates in school and educational "living history" programs.

 Click here to to see the full display

Two big Winchester rifles (models 1873 and 1876) but in the very scarce .22 caliber shown by Al B.
Al is a retired aerospace engineer who certainly enjoys Winchesters.

"Springfield 'Trapdoor Carbines' 1873-1890" by John S.
John is a retired military man who enjoys history.


"Colt New Frontier .22 caliber revolvers" presented by Jim C.
Jim is a civilian employee of the U.S. Air Force in the safety field.

 Click here to see more of Jim's display

"Crazy!  Colt Cut-off and Wacko Pistols" presented by Jerry D.
Jerry is a retired fighter pilot.  This display features about twenty Colts that were cut off for use a s "belly guns" or "avenging angels" or otherwise altered over the years.  Some are positively bizarre.

Here are three 1860 Army revolvers and an 1848 Dragoon, all .44 caliber percussion revolvers.


Here are four .36 caliber percussion revolvers, either model 1861 Navy or 1862 Police,

Here are four early revolvers converted to single shot pistols!


Here are four Model 1851 Colt Navy model .36 caliber percussion revolvers altered for easy concealment.


 Click here for more of this display- five Model 1849 .31 caliber "Pocket models" altered for very small pockets.

 Click here for more of this display- three Single Action Army revolvers, including one made into a revolving rifle!

Mel M. brought "Guns of the Civil War"
Mel is a government employee.  The photo does not do justice to the many historic Civil War pistols and carbines in the display.  He even had a piece of 130 year old "hardtack" bread that soldiers got for rations.

 Click here for more of this display showing Civil War cavalry carbines

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