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UGCA Special Projects
    We are considering these educational projects to promote public interest in and appreciation of the historical, technical and artistic merits of firearms.

Firearms Reference Library Project
    Utah Gun Collectors Association will be working with libraries throughout the state to provide some of the most respected reference books on collector firearms at no cost to the libraries.  A selection of books valued at over $500.00 will be donated.  UGCA will pick up about 75% of the cost and UGCA members willing to pay the remaining 25% will get to nominate the library to receive the gift.  Libraries will be contacted to ensure that they are willing to accept the books for reference and circulation, not for sale in fund raising events.
    With the cooperation of one of the best dealers in gun books, we will be able to get these at a considerable discount, enabling us to provide more libraries with good gun books.
    Watch the UGCA newsletter for details.

Museum Exhibit Assistance Program
    Utah Gun Collectors Association will be working with some of Utah's best museums to encourage firearms related exhibits.  These will involve temporary loans and exhibits in place for three to six months as part of a museum's ongoing rotation of exhibits on various topics.  UGCA members will work closely with the museums to provide technical assistance and help locate suitable items for display.  Museums will handle the actual display installation, signs, security, etc. as with all their other exhibits.
    Some possible themes include:

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